Partner with us

Want to partner up and advertise with Inspired Rides?
Great, because together we can help you reach an engaged and well heeled audience.

Inspired Rides is a digital media channel, showcasing some of New Zealand’s best cycling trails to inspire people to ride beyond their horizons.

We use a mix of YouTube, our website blog, Instagram and Facebook to engage our audience.

While Inspired Rides appeals to a pretty broad audience, our core centres on middle aged cyclists looking for their next Kiwi adventure. They don’t mind spending money on quality and they value great experiences.

They aren’t so much the shred it and send it types, they are more like the eBike, vineyards and relaxation massage types. And that’s what our various media channels reflect.

We typically talk about trails, bike parks and New Zealand Great Ride cycle trails. We gush over great accomodation and good food, we love gawking at new bikes and geeking out over bike tech.

The Bivvy Vineyard Cafe – Somewhere along the Tukituki River Trail

So what can we offer?
Well, if you are interested in the audience above, then lets work together on coming up with a plan that suits your objectives. Perhaps one of the options below;

Sponsored Videos and Blog Posts
We can splice a carefully crafted sponsored segment into one of our trail videos and talk about your business, service or product on our blog. You can choose  a relevant video/ride that is likely to catch your ideal customers attention.
Product and service reviews
We can try out your product or service and tell our audience all about it through written blogs, social media posts and/or video reviews.
Website and social media advertising
Want to put your advertising on our website or social media channels? We can offer image ads on rotation through the site or on specific posts.
Brand collaborations
Want to work together on something cool? Maybe you want us to feature your product on our channel and give it away to a lucky viewer though a competition. Maybe something else?
Marketing consulting
With significant experience in marketing we can help you come up with a plan to shoot your brand to the moon, reach new customers and drive sales. 

Sounds great, where do we start?
Get in touch, we’ll discuss what it is you want to achieve and then help come up with a plan to help you achieve just that.

Craggy Range Vineyard – Hawke’s Bay