Hi, I’m Ben

Just a regular guy who enjoys getting out and exploring the world on two wheels. Some might say I’m a little obsessed with mountain biking, maybe they’re right?

Living in New Zealand, we’re incredibly spoilt with an amazing network of mountain bike trails and bike parks right across the country, some are easy to find and ride, some not so easy. I’m aiming to ride and review as many trails and parks as I can to help motivate others to explore and ride beyond their horizons.

This website is a little after-hours side project for me but I’ll try and keep the site fresh with new content as regularly as I can. We’ll let you know if any posts or videos are sponsored in any way, otherwise we pay for all of the costs for our trips, rides and gear and we are very honest with our reviews to give you a true sense of our thoughts and experience.

I’m mainly keen on reviewing mountain bike trails, some of the places we’ve travelled, bikes and bike accessories etc but may throw in other stuff of interest too.

I’ve been riding mountain bikes for about 15 years and would rate myself pretty capable and confident on level 4/5 trails. So my perspective will reflect that. My Wife Teresa however is more comfortable riding up to level 3 trails, so her comments will reflect that.

I hope you are inspired by some of our stories and get out there on your bike and ride!


What People Say

What colour do you want it in?

My local bike shop owner

Did you just buy another new bike?

My Wife

Mate, nice bike!

My riding buddies

Let’s explore some trails together.