Yakima LightMate Review

About the Yakima LightMate

RRP $129

The Yakima LightMate is a supplementary number plate holder and light solution for your bike racks and carriers.

In New Zealand it is an offence to obscure your license plate with potential of an instant fine of $200. So, it pays to ensure your license plate is visible. BTW You can purchase an NZ supplementary plate from LicenSys for about $25. And their supplementary plate bag (holder) for around $15.

The LightMate fits NZ and European plates and has standard taillights to help boost your vehicles visibility. It has a 7 -in plug that is compatible with the most common New Zealand vehicle wiring standards. The LightMate has some Velcro straps to help you secure it to your bikes or rack too.

The LightMate needs a little assembly out of the box, its fairly simple stuff and the instructions are easy to follow.

Who is it for?

The LightMate is for anyone who has a bike rack or carrier that obscures their vehicles plate and wants additional lights too.

Using the Yakima LightMate

We purchased the LightMate to use with a Yakima HoldUp Evo 2” carrier as the carrier doesn’t have a supplementary plate holder or lights as standard.

When I first installed the supplementary plate on the LightMate, I actually over tightened the plastic clamps, breaking one side. Frustrating, but didn’t seem to affect the plate clamp too badly. You then run the cabling around the edge and are good to go.

Installing the LightMate onto the bikes using the included Velcro, I found that it sat crooked, and I didn’t particularly like it touching the bikes themselves. Anyone that’s experienced shuttle rash will know that anything touching your bike is a no-no. So, I ended up using longer lengths of Velcro and hanging it from the bottom of the carrier itself, not ideal but it meant when the carrier was in the upright position, the LightMate would just swing into place and still be useful without further adjustment.

Final thoughts

The LightMate is a good solution for adding a supplementary plate if you want lights too. 

Otherwise, it’s kind of expensive, and a little clunky to use. The plate hanger from LicenSys maybe a cheaper and simpler option for you.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

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NOTE: This review is not sponsored in any way. We purchased this ourselves and these are our thoughts.


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