Yakima HoldUp Evo 2″ Review

The Yakima HoldUp Evo 2" holds a variety of bikes safely and securely.

About the Yakima HoldUp Evo 2”  Bike Carrier

RRP $829

The Yakima Holdup Evo 2” is a hitch mounted solution for carrying 2 bikes (4 bikes with the +2 extension) securely, without touching the frame.

This Evo version of the HoldUp is an improvement over the earlier version. It features a hitch wedge to secure the carrier tightened by a knob (SpeedKnob). The SpeedKnob has a lock to secure the carrier to the car too.

The bikes sit securely within a pair of wheel chocks, a strap securing the back wheel and a ratcheting arm rolls over the front wheel to secure the bike to the carrier. This means the carrier doesn’t actually contact the frame at all. The arms also feature a security locking cable that extends from the arm securing the bikes to the carrier.

The carrier features a tilting mechanism to get the bikes out of the way of rear hatches, the tilt has a simple foot latch (KickStart) to activate it.

The rack also features a little easter egg, a bottle opener to assist with those post ride beverages 😉

Who is it for?

Those wanting a super secure solution for carrying two bikes on a vehicle with a 2″ hitch receiver. Anyone that doesn’t like bike carriers that contact the bikes frame.


Weight: 23kgs
Capacity: 2 bikes (4 with the HoldUp Evo +2)
Limit: 23kgs per bike
Fits: eBikes, fat bikes, road bikes

Using the Yakima HoldUp Evo 2″

The HoldUp Evo required some assembly out of the box, we found it was reasonably straight forward to put together. It took us about 20 minutes to build and adjust everything. The instructions were easy to follow.

At 23kgs, the carrier is heavy to lift, this might be a struggle for some. If you can lift it, it is easy to slide into a hitch receiver and to secure to the vehicle. Just tighten the SpeedKnob, add the hitch pin, lock the SpeedKnob and you are ready to use the carrier.

The carrier flips upright for more compact storage on the back of the car, to lock the carrier in the down position, you step on the KickStart pedal and a reassuring click locks it in place.

Before lifting the bikes onto the carrier, you need to roll the arms forward and undo the back wheel straps. Lift the bike into place, roll the arm up and lock the hook down onto the tyre. If you wanted to further secure the bikes you can extend the cable lock from the arm around the fork and lock it in place.

If you are mounting the carrier to a vehicle with a rear hatch, you can tilt the carrier and bikes down by stepping on the KickStart pedal and tilting the rack.

With a generous weight limit of 23kgs per bike, we could easily carry both of our eBikes.

The bikes are really well secured while driving with minimal movement. The security is also good with the cable locks, no problem leaving the bikes unattended while on the back.

With two bikes on the back, our number plate was obscured so we purchased the LightMate to ensure we didn’t attract a fine. This was a little bit of an awkward fit when hung on the bikes, with the power cable looping under the rack. Will review that shortly.

Final thoughts

The Yakima HoldUp Evo 2’ is a well thought out, super secure and versatile rack. It’s a little pricier than some racks but the build quality is superb.

At 23Kgs it’s a heavy rack so it may not suit users that would struggle to lift this sort of weight. They may want to install it once and leave it on their vehicle.

The security features on the carrier gave us confidence to be able to leave our expensive eBikes unattended for coffees and lunches.

As the carrier obscured the number plate when in the upright position or with bikes on the back, we felt the rack really should incorporate a supplementary plate holder and lights as standard rather than needing the somewhat clumsy LightMate add-on.

The rack made the vehicle quite long and the carrier interfered with our car parking sensors and reversing camera, this made parking a little bit of a challenge.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Looking for a solution to carry your bikes?

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NOTE: This review is not sponsored in any way. We purchased this rack ourselves and these are our thoughts.

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