Hahei – Coromandel

For Teresas birthday we decided a visit north to Hahei in Coromandel was in order.

We hadn’t been up to Hahei in about 7 years so we were both pretty eager to get out and about and explore the place again.

Hahei Beach even better in person

We stayed at the excellent Hahei Holiday Resort which meant we were basically right on the beach. We stayed in one of their studio rooms which was great, and meant no spousal disputes while setting up the tent 😉

We had a few plans for things to do while in Hahei including a walk to Cathedral Cove and a day trip to Whitianga.

The walk to Cathedral Cove is only around an hour from the resort via the beach and is pretty easy, or you can take a water taxi from beach to beach and back.

To get to Whitianga from Hahei you drive to Ferry Landing at Cooks beach and take the Ferry for a couple of dollars. We went for an indulgent rub and soak at the Lost Spring and dinner on the waterfront at Salt Restaurant.

After talking to some of the locals we were told a trip up to the Hahei Pa site at sunrise was one of the best kept local secrets. So we kept an eye on the weather and managed to make it up for a stunning sunrise show.

We took up our GoPro for a time-lapse and our DJI Mavic Air 2 for some unique perspective, check out the video and let us know what you think?

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